Saturday, May 24, 2008

Three Market Day

Farmers Market logo courtesy of A Veggie Venture.

1. Clayton Farmers Market. This was opening day -- a good enough excuse in itself to make the trip in spite of the inconvenient lack of Highway 40 to get there. Clayton Road was a breeze early on Saturday morning so that didn't pose a big problem. But, I had another reason to go -- I wanted to sample the cheeses of Baetje Farms since Chris Freeland of Countrypolitan Cooking has written about them twice in recent weeks: Baetje Farms' "Coeur de la Creme" Tart with Kimker Hill Farm flour crust and Fresh Radish Sandwiches with Sunflower Sprouts and Goat Cheese. Baetje Farms sells at the Soulard Farmers Market, but I rarely make it that far into the city. Their presence at the Clayton Farmers Market was a definite enticement.

The parking lot west of Straub's was hopping with activity. Besides cheese, I bought salad and cooking greens, radishes, a big bunch of chives, peanut butter from Mound City, and a tub of shea butter for my skin. It looked like L'Ecole Culinaire was setting up to serve something but they weren't yet when I left. So, I decided to head over to the Tower Grove Market where I knew I could get a crepe for breakfast.

2. Tower Grove Farmers Market. This really has the nicest energy of any farmers market I've been to with a dozen people doing yoga in the grass and a band playing on the pavilion. Pretty much everyone will catch your eye and smile on the path to and from the market stalls. I filled out my needs for greens, got some flour from Kimker Hill Farm, and had a crepe with asparagus, spinach, sour cream and maybe some other things. One booth was promising "Strawberries Soon."

3. Kirkwood Farmers Market. Last stop was my home market for chicken and eggs. Farrar Out Farm did have radishes and some greens this week. CJ's has a few more items to go with the local asparagus, now, and Summit Produce had local spinach. Next week, I may try Kirkwood first.

With the Claverach sunflower shoots I bought at the Maplewood Farmers Market on Wednesday (where I had a nice chat with Alanna Kellogg, of A Veggie Venture, recognizing her from her blog and newspaper picture), I was able to re-create Chris Freeland's radish sandwich. The only differences in my version were that I used my own bread and I sliced my long radishes the long-ways. A wonderful post-market snack, locally-grown and locally-inspired! Now, I have the energy to go wash and spin all of those greens.

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Alanna said...

Big day! I was at Kirkwood early with every intention of doing my 'circuit' to Tower Grove, Soulard and finally Clayton. But after two hours of chatting with folks at Kirkwood, I decided to just pack up and come home! Another time ...

Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

I was at TGFM and purchased the last of the baby bok choy, asparagus, corn meal, and lettuce. I also love the Claverach shoots and get them at Local Harvest Grocery. A friend just told me that the Kirkwood market is open every day, so I might check that one out soon.