Sunday, May 4, 2008

One Local Summer

The "One Local Summer" challenge is to blog about one meal each week made from entirely local ingredients. I've found last summer's entries inspiring as I've been exploring how to eat more locally.

The 2008 One Local Summer challenge will be hosted by Nicole at the Farm to Philly blog. I signed up by leaving a comment on that post. It starts June 1, about the same time that I will be getting my first box of produce from the Yellow Wood Farms CSA. This should be quite an adventure!


jaww said...

At last I have found you.
I left a message on another site.
I was Sara's roommate and she was my bridesmaid 50 years ago I couldn't find out what happened after we visited her- the letters and emails came back. Please contact me. Bill and I were friends of your parents and often double dated.

Alanna said...

Hi Joy - will you e-mail me, please?