Saturday, May 17, 2008

Community-building at farmers markets

Farmers Market logo courtesy of A Veggie Venture.
The Gratitude post on the Locavore Nation - Central blog prompted me to write about an experience I had at Kirkwood Farmers Market this week. I ran out of asparagus so I went on Thursday to see if one of the two places open mostly to sell plants happened to have local asparagus. It was raining, so I ran to CJ's in the front of the market where there was Wood River, Illinois asparagus standing upright in a tub of water.

The woman behind the counter asked me how I was going to cook the asparagus and I said that I was going to try it on a salad because I'd heard you could eat it raw (from Alanna Kellogg's A Veggie Venture). She said "Sure you can!" and handed me a spear. She took one herself and we stood there chatting in the rain and eating asparagus Bugs Bunny style. That's just not an experience you can get at the supermarket!

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