Saturday, June 13, 2009

New (to me) camera

When I got serious about taking photos (ie. signed up for a class), I took over R's old Canon 10D camera. We knew from the beginning that something smaller and lighter weight might be more appropriate for me but since it was a new hobby it seemed prudent to start with a camera we already owned. It's several months later and I'm still taking photos and still wondering if a lighter weight camera wouldn't work as well for me and feel better when I'm hauling it around.
R's friend J recently decided he wanted to get more serious about taking photos. He looked at the smaller cameras but his first exploration into photography happened in Vietnam when a good government-owned camera was sturdy and heavy. The new light weight cameras didn't feel right to him, but my 10D was just about perfect.

So, R went shopping for us at KEH. We had some recent success selling them used photography equipment so we were hoping that the buying experience would work well too. He found me the equivalent of a Canon Digital Rebel Xti (it actually says "Kiss" on the camera -- apparently the Rebel is marketed to women in Japan under that brand) and a lens to go with it. We sold the 10D to J at the price KEH would have paid us for it. And I have a new-to-me lighter weight camera. It's been fun to play with around the house. I'm looking forward to taking it further afield.

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