Saturday, June 6, 2009

June in the Garden

During yesterday's trip to the Garden, we saw more visitors than we usually see since we tend to go on weekdays. A combination of summer camp groups, vacationing families, the usual retired people, and wedding party photo sessions. Fortunately, the Garden is fun even when it's crowded. And there are always some quiet spots.

The irises are about done blooming -- although check out the ones by the Zig Zag bridge in the Japanese Garden if you get over there in the next week or so. The daylilies have just started.

We saw this palm during our last trip and thought it was beat up by the wind. But now it's labeled and we realized that's how the leaves are supposed to look because it's a Burmese fishtail palm.

There were a couple of these tiny turtles in the hardy pond that is currently hidden, just south of the floral clock.

Many more pictures on my flickr page.

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