Friday, April 17, 2009

The Missing Brush Pile

For some reason my two-year-old picture on flickr of our brush pile was viewed five times the other day. I don't know what that was about, but it reminded me that I should probably take an "after" picture because that brush pile is completely gone!

So, here is Rick where the brush pile used to be.
Most of the brush pile went through the chipper/shredder. We've been really happy with the chips for making paths. The pieces that were too big to chip went to St. Louis Composting. They have pictures of some of their really big machines on their website.

If you want rabbits, one of the things you do is build brush piles. Since we don't want rabbits (see this post where I planted lettuce seeds), we were hoping the elimination of the brush pile would discourage their presence. It may have worked -- we haven't seen a single bunny in the yard all year.

When I took the picture below, I thought the whole rabbit thing might be a moot point, because it didn't seem that any of the seeds were sprouting. But, later, when I looked closer as I watered the bed, I discovered some very tiny sprouts. I would have to get my macro lens out to get a picture of them, but they are there!

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