Saturday, April 18, 2009

The case for a freezer

It looks likely that I'll buy a small freezer next week during the Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday. Among other things, I'll freeze applesauce and pastured butter, two important ingredients in one of my favorite treats: applesauce bread. I mostly follow the recipe, but find that I can make it more of a whole wheat bread with 2 cups of whole wheat flour and 1 3/4 cup of bread flour. I also use Grade B maple syrup instead of the sugar.

This is the last of the applesauce I made from locally grown apples in the last six months. This container is from apples I bought about a month ago. They were #2 apples, with a few extra bruises and worm holes. But I got a 1/2 peck bag for only $3. That made enough applesauce for half a dozen loaves of bread.

I buy the butter from Whole Foods. The cows live in Wisconsin, so they only eat grass seasonally and thus pastured butter is only available from May through September. Last September, I bought five pounds and froze four of them. This is my last pound, so that worked out about right. But given the health benefits of grass-fed animal fats, I'm starting to find more ways to use this butter like biscuits for special occasion breakfasts. So, I may want more butter in the freezer by the end of September 2009.

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