Monday, February 23, 2009

Home movies to DVD

This is one of several piles around the house that are covered by my New Year's Resolution with the fewest words: Unpack. Today was the day and this pile was the place to start because, believe it or not, I needed something in one of those boxes.

One of the things I found in my parents' house after my mother died was a small stack of Regular 8 movie rolls. Since we've been visiting Schiller's, a camera store in St. Louis, more frequently, I had an opportunity to ask them what they can do with those. It turns out that they can convert them to DVD, but not for much longer. The manufacturers have stopped making the parts for the home movie projectors. I forget the full story, but I think Schiller's had something like five machines and only two currently work -- the other three are being robbed for parts. When they reach a point where they have no more available parts, they will be out of the home movie to DVD business. So, if I wanted this done, I couldn't let them sit around in a box for three more years.

Four of the six rolls were labeled: Sara and Bob's Wedding, Joy's First Film, Parade Labor Day 1962, and Christmas 1962. I was born in May 1962. The other two are not labeled but are presumably in the same general timeperiod. I'm hoping that they are after August 1963 when my brother was born.

I figure this is good for one entertaining evening with my brother and the cost was less than a nice meal out for four, so that seems reasonable.

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