Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas decorations

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a lovely day. I'm taking pictures and blogging while waiting for the English muffins to rise, which suits my definition of lovely quite nicely.

My goal of this blog is to help improve my experience of the seasons year over year. That worked for Christmas decorations, I think. I blogged about them last year on Christmas Day, too. Maybe that will be a tradition!

We skipped all the outdoor decorations this year. All I miss is the experience of seeing Christmas lights as we drive up to the house in the evening. Decorating the garage with lights would solve that problem.

The doors are better with red bows as I thought they would be.

We put the creche under the tree this year, the tradition in R's family. Joining it are the Christmas village that my mother had under her tree the last few Christmases and a train set that Rick gave his father.

We decorated the railings this year with green garland and red bows. We're thinking that next year they need lights.

An unexpected decoration this year was the water lily. R wanted to see if he could overwinter a tropical water lily in our bay window. Not only is it surviving, it bloomed at Christmas for us!

The English muffins are ready! This recipe makes a tasty muffin, but it takes at least twice as long to cook as the recipe states.

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why said...

both the water lily and the muffins are stunning, Joy! (albeit in different ways)