Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Less is More -- Blackberry Sauce

I bought blackberries at the Farmers Market last week. My single memory of fresh blackberries is picking one off a bush in my Grandma's yard and popping it in my mouth. It tasted like dirt. So, I didn't really no what to expect.

These blackberries are mouth-pucker tart but wonderful -- more of a candy experience than a fruit one. I've been eating them one berry at a time, but I was worried that I wouldn't get through them fast enough.

So, along comes a blackberry sauce recipe from Alanna at Kitchen Parade. In the picture, I'm adding the second half of the blackberries to the macerated mix. Alanna served it over vanilla frozen yogurt. It's delicious over chocolate frozen yogurt, as well.

This qualifies me for the Less is More challenge issued by Nupur (who makes amazing spring rolls) at One Hot Stove to make a dish from another blog that has five or fewer ingredients. "Less is More" is Nupur's theme for the monthly blog event, Monthly Blog Patrol started by The Spice Cafe blog -- the idea being that there's a new reason every month to go look at food blogs.

I may have to buy some more blackberries to try this blackberry sorbet from another food blogger, Kelly at SOUNDING MY BARBARIC GULP!


KELLY said...

Thanks for the mention! Did we get blackberries from the same place? Mine were so good. I almost hated to mush them all up.

Joy said...

I'm not sure I remember where I got my blackberries. Maybe Farrar Out Farm's booth during the Wednesday Maplewood Farmers Market?

Nupur said...

Ooh, your pictures are so tempting and that blackberry sauce looks completely delicious! Thank you for participating in my event :)

Chris Freeland said...

Wow, looks good! I use extra berries to make small batches of jam, although I rarely have extra berries!