Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring planting

We potted canna rhizomes yesterday. It reminded me of the scene in Harry Potter where they pot the mandrake roots. Someday this summer, they will form a border of stately flowers.

In the meantime, it's too cold to put them out. So, they go in pots in the sunroom, turned greenhouse, for awhile. We planted 20 Crimson Delights that R ordered from the canna people, Horn Canna Farm. And we repotted 3 cannas that R bought on his birthday from a local nursery, just to try some different varieties.

Around mid-May we'll plant them in a new bed we're making in the sideyard along the neighbor's fence. We're trying to keep the new bed dry with plastic because it looks like it's never going to stop raining long enough to use a tiller. Then in the fall, we'll dig up the canna rhizomes and store them in the root cellar for the winter to do this all again next spring.

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Alanna said...

My cannas are along the house and in sunny spots: I never bother to dig them up and they just keep on comin' and comin' ...