Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring floods

Flooding is a sign of spring we would rather not see, but we got a big one on the Meramec and some of the other rivers south of us after about 36 hours of rain earlier in the week.

My favorite place to watch the Meramec, any time of the year, is at Emmenegger Park in Kirkwood. The water is often low enough to walk out on a gravel strip into the river. Today, though, the parking lot is under water. I couldn't get closer than 200 yards to the parking area and trail entrance. That gravel strip is probably under 15 feet of rapidly moving water right now.

The bathrooms were once part of the swimming pool complex. Easy to see why they moved the pool to higher ground. Only birds and fish are swimming there today.

Lovely weather for ducks...and geese.

We're thrilled that Highway 44 is going to stay open. Our family Easter celebration in Washington this afternoon was going to be quite an adventure to get to if it had closed.

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Dawn D. Lion said...

Hi Joy, thanks for your comment on my blog... it's nice to find some other locals with similar interests.
I happened to see that exact view of Emmeneger! We had planned an easter egg hunt there last week, and no one in my group had thought about the flood factor.